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What is WinGoal
  • WinGoal is the first Web3.0 Decentralized App bringing soccer sports from Web2.0 to Web3.0.
  • WinGoal = Soccer Gaming & Real-Time Predictions + Reality Sports + Live Match Streaming.
  • WinGoal is built on Polygon and powered by the Unity Engine and Opta. (World Leaders in Sport Data -
WinGoal & International Soccer
WinGoal is made for soccer enthusiasts: Watching Live matches, participating in real-time predictions and playing soccer in real-life and online.
How to WinGoal?
  • WinGoal connects online Soccer Gaming & Real-Time Predictions with Reality Sports & Fitness, while allowing players to earn crypto.
  • WinGoal has partnered with Opta - generating real-time soccer data feeds that will reflect LIVE on NFT soccer characters, thereby making all soccer data available on-chain.
  • WinGoal is Free-To-Play with no barriers to entry. Players will earn soccer-themed tokens as rewards.
  • Participate in Burn-To-Earn, via Sports , and in Win-To-Earn-More, via Competitive Gaming and Soccer Predictions in real-time!
  • WinGoal-nomics = Free-To-Play + Burn-To-Earn + Win-To-Earn-More!
Are you ready to WinGoal?
  • WinGoal promotes mass adoption of Web3.0 by bringing users from Web2.0.
  • We encourage players to burn calories via sports - soccer in particular, but players can participate in all kind of sports activities in our DApp to keep-fit.
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