The 3-token model
Similar to our previous success in Pikaster, WinGoal will adopt the 3-token model:
$MLS: MetaLand Shares, the governance token in Metaland.
$SWT: Super WinGoal Token, the rare game token in WinGoal.
$WT: WinGoal Token, the common game token in WinGoal.
Metaland's signature - 3-token model:
Metaland seeks to slow the inflation problem that commonly plagues Game-fi projects. The adoption of dual game tokens will enable our team to superiorly manage in-game inflation: In the case that an in-game token shows an inflationary trend, a higher consumption and conversion can then be adjusted with the second in-game token.
  • $WT and $SWT released in-game is the barebone of WinGoal's economy.
  • Releasing rules for $WT and $SWT have been designed to achieve economic sustainability.
  • $WT and $SWT and pre-minted are distributed almost entirely to players in-game.