Players will compete amongst other players worldwide in ranked matches. NFTs level do not matter but star ratings and rarities do matter.
Entry Requirements
Players who participate in Global Ranking Round will not consume their energy.
Fixed $RBS rewards periodically upon the conclusion of each Ranking Round. W coins will be rewarded from each match.
Worship system
Players can worship the top 3 teams in the global ranking by spending/donating 10 $WT, thereby:
  • Obtaining a 3% overall team buff - lasting for 2 matches - through clicking "likes" to the top 3 teams. These buffs can be duplicated in durations by players spending $WT (and clicking likes) each time. (Therefore 2/4/6/8... matches)
  • Meanwhile, 1% of total donations from all players will be given to the top 3 teams, while the remaining 99% will be divided daily across all players who participated in the pool.
Last modified 3mo ago