Metaland Team

Metaland is a Web2.0 mobile gaming studio going to Web3.0.
The second project of Metaland is WinGoal, a Web3.0 dApp integrating Reality Sports, Gaming, real-time Predictions and Live Streaming.
Metaland consists of a group of mobile gaming developers with a wealth of experiences in traditional 3A studios, as well as crypto natives with experiences in DeFi and GameFi start-ups.
Check out Metaland's first GameFi project, Pikaster, below!
Jay Lau - COO & Co-Founder - Former experiences in Launchpad / Crypto Mining / Gaming
Stevie Ong - BD / Co-Founder - Former experiences in Crypto Brokerage / AI search on blockchain
Ronny Song - CTO - Former experiences in fintech / crypto trading / software engineering
Dylan Wang - Head of R&D - Former experiences in 3As Gaming / Crypto Exchange
Jacky Huang - Artistic Director - Former design experiences in gaming / payment / insurance protocols
Jordi Carlos - Marketing Lead - Former experiences in gaming project management